Sunday, February 19, 2006

Looking for Content and $ for Your Site?

If you manage a site and are looking for fresh content to keep your visitors returning, then you'll really like Revver. You're not just allowed to rip off Revver's videos, you're encouraged to do so. is not, at its heart, a video portal. It's a tool for content creators to earn some ad revenue from their stuff. You'll be able to find good content, keep your site fresh, and even make 20% of the ad revenue behind each Revver video.

As with anything, there's good news and bad news.

First the good news. Revver will provide you with 20% of the ad revenue for each video you scrape from its site and post on yours ( It's really simple- just be sure you sign up to Revver and you're logged on when you snatch the HTML representing the video's thumbnail; this appears below each video you watch. You'll notice that there's a special unique number in the HTML that associates you with that video.

Now the bad news. Anyone can post videos to Revver. Which means you'll be sifting through a significant range of quality. Most of it's original because Revver eventually pulls you down if you're just submitting someone else's advertisement.

Here are some tips to finding the good stuff:
1) Check Revver's "editor's choices." They've been vetted by actual humans.
2) Look at "top rated" video (although they are, for reasons I can't explain, appearing randomly as opposed to in any sequence based on their total visits and ranking). For the most part, a bad video won't last long with a rating above 4.
3) Get an RSS for specific keywords. Then you can passively check for new content by certain creators or type of content. For instance, I have friends that use Google's video portal and set up an RSS for my stuff ( You can use other keywords based on your website's needs. Just replace the word nalts in the code above with any keyword- humor, sexy, music, etc.
4) Check in again with I'm a bit self serving right now (highlighting my own videos), but my goal is to identify the best creators on Revver to help people sift through the ocean of stuff.


At 2/19/2006 2:01 PM, Anonymous tater said...

here is some of my rocket stuff

Andy's warlock
Jason's model rocket saucer H123
Andys scratchbuilt rocket saucer on an Aerotech F21
Al's patriot
model rocket launch
rib lake launch area checkout

here is some stuff i need to redo, as the videos themselves did not survive revvers transcoding

older model rocket launches
big bertha mini movie
Andys fat boy
gold cone rocket
lisas cosmic cobra core sample
fat boy mini movie
loc iv

lander challenge attempt
lander challenge test flight

and here is some completely unreated stuff, besides that i did it

steve is a bad boy
bald mans dream
bad hair
the test video

At 2/19/2006 7:33 PM, Blogger Nalts said...

You've got something viral, Tater, when one of those rockets goes screaching into the crowd. "Ethics" is my favorite.

At 2/20/2006 10:41 PM, Anonymous Tater said...

Thanks Nalts, you got some kickin stuff yourself.

I'll be definetly adding some updates, some how-to's, and some expansions to existing videos inorder to keep people interested.

Ethics is my favorite also. bad hair my 2nd(cause it's true)

At 2/13/2007 5:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm currently testing Revver to ensure that they actually pay people - for the Attorney General in my state.

Interesting results so far.

One of the interesting things is that they don't tell you how many people have viewed your video, like YouTube does.

But we're counting.


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