Thursday, February 09, 2006

Making Money With Revver: Top 10 Tips for Video Creators

I'll update these as we continue, but here are my Top-10 tips for Making Money on Revver. Before you read them, you may want to check out my spoof on this subject...

  1. Revver is a tool, not a huge portal (yet). Once you tag your videos, you still need to get them on sites beyond Revver if you want more than 20-50 people seeing it.
  2. Keep 'em short: 15-30 seconds are best. Sometimes you can go longer, but you're wasting your time beyond 3 minutes. There are other channels for longer clips.
  3. Avoid content you don't own. You'll eventually get pulled. I've gotten phone calls about using music I don't own, so...
  4. Use royalty free music or create your own in Garageband or other music programs. It's easier than you think.
  5. Thumbnails sell- even more than the name. Choose wisely.
  6. Keywords are important, but don't just use all the hot ones. Eventually Revver will place less importance on each one like Google does.
  7. Don't pander for ad clicks. Believe me- I've tried everything. Your ad click depends on the content and the placement (certain sites that syndicate Revver videos get as high as 30% click throughs, but typically you can expect 3-4%. That number will go down over time- which is why you need volume. Most banners get less than .05 percent clicks on other sites.
  8. Market your videos- send to friends, family and co-workers. Ask them to patronize the advertiser- not just click the ad. If Revver doesn't provide advertisers with revenue then the whole model fails. Consider the advertiser's perspective- a click doesn't make you money.
  9. Think about your title carefully.
  10. Revver is enabling RSS, so people can subscribe to certain keywords. Should be a nice way for other portals to discover good Revver videos.

More as things develop!

Please post your learnings if you'd like.


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