Friday, February 24, 2006

Making Revver's User Experience Better

You know it. Revver knows it. The Revver user experience leaves some room for improvement. Especially around the way that videos are ranked (which often appears random).

I've got a whole list of suggestions... my biggest is that I'd love to send people to and have my stuff listed chronologically. I'm also really bummed about when someone looks at one of my clips and rates it, they jump to the most recent post. Nothing makes your parents prouder than to see their grandkids followed by a topless drunk.

I spoke with some folks yesterday that had pet peeves too. If you have some ideas, e-mail me at, or post them here. I think I'm just going to send the notes to Revver rather than posting them here. Not sure I want to give the competition any ideas. :)


At 3/01/2006 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think they should vary the tags on the right every so often.

I think they should have another page (not home page, of course) that you could turn to that would show popular tags/themes (not just Recent, Editors Picks, and Top Rated). The page could highlight one theme/tag for the day, or week. Example themes on this page could be:
- Kids
- Pets
- Scary
- Parody

Or even highlight prolific Revsters (like Nalts, naturally)

Have another page that lets us know who the editors are and what their favorites are, that way we can watch the items our favorite editor likes and ignore the others.

Anyway, I am getting the biggest kick watching Revver and posting videos to Revver and then clicking to see my "Nielsens."

Thanks Nalts for providing a forum.



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