Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Revver 101: Everything You Wanted to Know About Revver But Was Afraid to Ask

If you're new to Revver, here's what you need to know. You may want to begin with a quick humorous video that explains the concept...

Revver.com provides video creators with an easy way to share their videos and profit from ad revenue. Here's the 5-Step process, simplified:
1) You sign up to Revver and provide your name, e-mail address, PayPal account, etc.
2) You upload your videos (which is as easy as sending photos to an online site), then provide basic information about each videos. Revver converts yout file to flash, tags it with an advertisement, and posts it it to Revver.com.
3) Each time someone clicks the ad at the end of your video, you'll get half of the advertising money. Once your video has a "Revver tag," you can send your videos to other sites and still profit (unless the portal strips the video off like Google Video is unfortunately doing now).
4) It's in your interest to get your Revver videos to other third-party sites that have more traffic than Revver has yet. Sometimes people copy the videos from Revver and put them on higher traffic sites. I've had some of my videos go from 20-30 people watching them on Revver to nearly 2000 once it lands somewhere else.
5) Revver provides you with online tracking tools so you know what videos are being watched and how people rate them. You'll also get real-time data on the ad revenue broken down by day, week or month... and at an individual video level. The data is surprising, and it's fun to visit the site to see what your total revenue has reached.

Sign up now: http://www.revver.com/signUp/


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