Thursday, February 16, 2006

Revver Lation: Making money when you e-mail Revver videos

Had a big time Revver-lation today. I just realized this blog should be a Revver affiliate so I stand a chance of making money when people look at the videos. Seems you just have to log-in before you scrape the thumbnail HTML. I guess there's a tag in it that identifies me as the source.

So then I had a "revver-lation" (see that's a pun based on revelation... at some point I'll stop manipulating the word Revver in all of my posts, but for now I'm doing it to ensure good SEO).

I've been e-mailing friends the URL for a video instead of using the Revver site. I guess if I use the "e-mail a friend" functionality on Revver I get a 20% of the ad revenue off the top. Sounds fair since I'm the one trading on my network to make money. I'm one step from selling them timeshares.


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