Monday, February 20, 2006 Gets PR Plug on Micropersuasion

My Blog idol, Steve Rubel, just wrote about Revver. Steve writes a blog called Micropersuasion, and I've been trying to get him to mention Revver for a few weeks. Coincidentally, Steve posted on Revver moments before learning that Revver is a client of his brand new employer (Edelman).

Micropersuasion is a highly visited blog, and a BusinessWeek cover story on Blogs last year said Rubel is “an all-knowing Thumper in a forest of clueless Bambis.” He's spoken at my company (the day job) and really understands the impact of consumer generated media and citizen journalists.

Thanks for the mention, Steve. Revver needs increased visibility and traffic. You just earned your first paycheck at Edelman.

We've got about 3-4 months befor officially launches out of beta!

Here's Steve's piece:
  • Micropersuasion Reviews Revver

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