Friday, February 24, 2006

Scoring Your Revver Video with iTunes? Stay Tuned for a Note from the "Revver Copyright Soup Nazi"

I got a gift certificate for iTunes at Christmas, and used every penny of it buying music to score my videos. Nothing turns a cheap home movie into a semi-packaged piece like a familiar tune in the background.

I figured Revver had enough to do worrying about pillaged commercials and used content, and that my music wouldn't worry anybody. Turns out I was wrong (see ominous note from the "Revver Copyright Soup Nazi" below).

Last night while driving all four kids to Dairy Queen I actually spoke with Steve Starr. He's the Revver big daddy (who didn't say anything about the fact that I mocked him in my recent post- thumbnail below). Amyway, I assumed the policy was rooted in risk mitigation. A startup can't afford a lawsuit from the Music Industry (insert dramatic strings sound here).

It appears to run deeper than that- the Revver folks are pretty passionate about protecting the work of creators -- whether that's Aerosmith, Pink Floyd or some clown submitting a viral video.

So I'll stop whining about how much better my stuff would be with real music instead of the canned stuff I've been creating in GarageBand. They've even pointed me to some sites with royalty-free songs (more on that in another post).

------ note from the Revver Copyright Soup Nazi -------

(by the way, I edited this to make it a little nicer and sent it back to them. Let me know if they change it). :)

It has come to the Web Master's attention that you may be posting content containing unauthorized copyright material that requires licenses, clearances, or written permission from the owner of such content.

Since this is in violation of Section 4 of the Terms Of Use,, we have suspended the content in question from the website.

If you possess the requisite clearances, or believe you have received this e-mail in error, please contact us at

Revver, Inc

Finally, here's the clip of me being Steve Starr (it's called "Revver Interns")


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