Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Time for Channels?

Here's my prediction for Revver... although it wasn't designed to be a big video portal, the market will take it that route. As Revver videos get distributed broadly, there will be exponentially more visitors to

The implication of increased traffic to is consumer demand for more segmentation... how many of us have sent someone to to see a video, only to have them rate it and get the next posting which is inappropriate? I'm looking forward to not having my kids (naturally my favorite subject these days) mixed with raunchy stuff.

Consumers will want more than to dive into keywords but by interest. Who wants to click keyword synonyms for "funny" (hilarious, comedy, etc.) to find the funny stuff? Plus a lot of desperate creators are "keyword jamming," by using all commonly searched words regardless of the content. Obiosuly I'd like to not have my stupid kid videos mixed with adult videos.

Even if Revver's focus is on creating a broader channel through partnerships, there wil invariably be consumer interest in using as a window into viral videos- forcing it to compete with YouTube, Stupid Videos and the rest of he sites.

Revver has a distinct advantage over those sites. The video creator has little incentive to submit to them: a) it's hard, b) only the few get chosen, c) no feedback , d) no shared revenue- just the possibility of getting a flat fee if your video is chosen. Revver's second advantage is that it's focused on original content. If I want to watch bloopers, I'll watch AFV. If I want to see people hurting themselves, there's always Jackass or If I want to watch commercials I can go anywhere.

So here's the takeaway to any of the Revver interns that are reading... start building the segments now. Funny videos. Documentary types. Stupid ones. Adult humor (with limits). Artist ones. Bazaar stuff. You get the idea.. it's a proactive way to satisfy consumer needs and will make more financial sense then letting affiliates do this for you and shave 20% off the top.


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