Monday, March 13, 2006

Adword manipulation: Web Hosting

Pardon me, dear Revverberation reader, with an experiment. I've been reading that certain words on Blogs create significantly higher revenue on Adwords (the Google bar you see above). Since I've made all of about 20 cents on Adwords, I thought I'd do an experiment. This post is a blatant attempt to cram high-price keywords into this copy. It's against Adsense policy, but I'm willing to risk my 20 cents to see if these words change the ad above.

So I was looking at web hosting providers and found web site hosting that has domain name for registration. Not just any kind of web hosting, but low cost web hosting. Domain names are good for web hosting. And I mean cheap web hosting. Web page hosting services, after all, are quite profitable for domain name marketing.


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