Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Art & Science of Digital Marketing

I'm posting tonight from Hollywood, Florida, where I'm attending a client summit hosted by Avenue A Razorfish. Tomorrow we're hearing from folks from CondeNet, CBS Digital Media, CNN, NASA, Verizon, JupiterResearch, WebMD, CNET, and Dow Jones.

The Friday keynote speaker is Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft). I truly hope he sweats and chants "developers" like this famous video. I also hope to pick up and post select ideas that Revver and Revver fans can deploy to increase the visibility of our videos. My employer uses Avenue-A Razorfish to do paid and organic search for our large brands. I introduced them to Revver, but Revver is trying to build this skill inhouse. I've told these media cats about Revver, and urged a few of the more traditional clients (like some lady in charge of to buy on Revver. And you can count on me bringing up Revver in part of the Q&A tomorrow (I think my friend from Wyeth has a videocamera so we'll capture it if we can).

Over drinks tonight, I had an interesting conversation about creating a Revver portal and driving traffic to it. Fuzzy did it with and I'm working on one called (it's not done, so don't look yet). The founder of AARF's Philadelphia office told me it's not usually good business to buy ads to sell ads. Few have made money doing that. He says the best chance Revver has to gain traffic is: a) Good word of mouth, b) Paid search, and c) PR. The best thing that can happen is that someone makes a video that becomes extremely viral, and viewers see it exclusively on Revver. That will take this small site and grow it fast.

More poses as I learn new ideas tomorrow. It's 2:00 a.m... better get to sleep.


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