Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Beyond Revver? Other online video sites.

I'm a Revver junkie, but this blog needs to be about amateurs sharing their videos for money- not just about Revver. So today's question is... has anything else evolved that provides us with a way to share our videos and make money? Not yet.

Want to read a nice review on video sharing applications as part of the new "Web 2.0"? Techcrunch reviews 6 video sharing sites: Clipshack.com, Grouper.com, www.Vimeo.com, YouTube.com, Vsocial.com, and of course Revver.com.

Likening Revver to "Fruicast for bloggers," Michael Arrington says this: "one service that has a unique feature is Revver...Revver will auto-insert advertisements directly into your videos and share revenue with you." To read the review, click this link: TechCrunch Review of Video Sharing

So here's a message to the other video sites. Please figure out a way to allow your viewers to view Revver videos through your portal (and you can select which ones based on what's getting good ratings and views on Revver.com). You'll make 20% of the ad revenue and you won't have to create a single bit of content.

Most importantly, the good video content will ultimately land on Revver long term. Why? Any dope with a video camera will use YouTube to share videos with a friend because it's easy and free. But a creator that spends time on the video doesn't want to send it out to the web without some way to subsidize their income. So the market will eventually reward Revver's model.

The only threat to Revver's model is a me-too competitor (for instance, if Google were to allow advertisements on the site). Having just spoken with some folks from Google last week, however, I can't see that happening very soon. Too many other places for Google to go that are more profitable. And Revver has a valuable head start in this market, so there would be some serious "cathing up" by an immitator.


At 3/07/2006 3:05 PM, Blogger Get Paid For Your Videos said...

Hi Nalts:

I been following your blog since I found about Revver.com a few weeks ago. Reading your blog has inspired me, and since then, I have set my own website, uploaded a few of my videos, alot of your videos, and other videos I think can make money. I have created categories and pain-stakingly been insering the Revver thumbnail codes onto my website. I am sure there is an easier way, but as you mentioned in ur latest blog, can't figure out a way to build a portal to the Revver videos. Maybe it's because I have no HTML, PHP, CSS, CGI-Bin, PERL, or what ever else is needed EXPERIENCE, but I'm trying. I been able to lure about 1500 views a day, mostly by placing sexy videos on youtube with a link in the comment section to my website, lol. Any ideas from you would be greatly appreciated.

thanks - Fuzzy Momani


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