Sunday, March 26, 2006

Favorite Revverberation Post

James Joyce posted this piece, which brings you deep into the mind of a Revverite.


With all the technical hubbub, I almost forgot why I started (participating in) this whole thing in the first place: to get my stuff SEEN ... and to use that visibility to drive traffic to my websites. To use drive.

Then the ratings system distracted me.

The occassional high rating of my stuff is good for getting me extra face time on Revver's front page, but some twisted EMO teenaged gamer in Vancouver, B.C. always comes along with the 1 rating that exiles my videos to the Land of The Dead. I think that kid gives everyone a 1 and gets off on it. I wear my aluminum foil hat when uploading to Revver so the kid won't read my mind and know right way I'm uploading.
Then the Most Viewed section distracted me.

Thank God that thing is gone. What a bummer that was. That dancing housewife thumbnail stayed there so long I thought the image would burn itself into my retina.

I guess better production value in my videos would get me more face time and hits, but what agoraphobic veteran living in a makeshift bedroom in Garland, Texas can afford that?

Posted by James Jarvis to Revverberation: The Unofficial Revver Blog at 3/24/2006 07:11:05 PM


At 3/26/2006 11:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've exposed the Aluminum Foil Hat strategy. Now all the Revver uploaders will be wearing one.


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