Thursday, March 09, 2006

Google Video Flaw: Dear PCMagazine

This morning I read a review of Google Video in PCMag (my favorite bathroom companion, and the magazine that first led me to I suddenly realized what bothers me about Google Video and YouTube, and I sent the good folks at PCMag the following letter.

I suspect my odds of getting printed are just under the odds of any of my Reader's Digest jokes getting published (I once got close enough that a Reader's Digest editor called me to ask specifics about my joke, but it never saw light of day). Anyway, here's the letter:


Dear PCMag Editors:

Two of my favorite brands are PCMag and Google. So when I read your review on Google Video, I felt obliged to point out a frequently overlooked distinction between Google video and the rest of Google. Whereas regular Google facilitates a user's access to the Internet, Google video is a giant reservoir of videos in which Google manages all of the advertising... and shares none of it with creators.

I want my website indexed by Google because I can attract visitors and serve ads to them while I solve their needs. But what's my incentive to submit my amateur videos to Google? It's called "video sharing," but it's missing a big chunk of the sharing. I'm sticking with (which I learned about from PCMag), because I make 50% of the profits when advertisers click my link. Google and MyTube may give me a giant audience, but fame isn't paying for my next video camera or PC.

-Kevin H. Nalty
Doylestown, PA

P.S. is my new blog on if you're interested.


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