Friday, March 17, 2006

Microsoft Announcement from Steve Balmer: From Developers to Advertisers

Revverberation readers, I am happy to announce that I may soon post one of the most high-potential viral videos Revver could have.

I just left a presentation by Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer at an Avenue-A Razorfish client summit. Steve took questions, and I eagerly approached the mike with two requests.

First, I asked him to give us a sample of his notorious "Developers, Developers, Developers" soundbyte. He obliged. But more importantly, he gave us a new soundbyte on his latest mantra (in part to pay homage to this audience of some top-name advertisers and media properties). The quote: "Advertisers, advertisers, advertisers!" I can't do the clip justice in words, but it's funny and enlightening. And he gave me permission to post it when I get a copy (I also need Avenue-A Razorfish's okay, but they seem receptive and I'm begging them to FedEx me a copy this week). Regrettably, Balmer wasn't sweating and screaming with the same passion of the original. I think he's lost some weight since then too. Still, it's an amusing and an insightful view into how Microsoft is thinking about its future.

Second, I asked him about how individual content creators can benefit from advertising on their work (I resisted the urge to drop as an example). Surprisingly, his answer played down the need of individual creators to profit from their contributions. But to be honest, I didn't really listen to the rest of his answer because I was too busy thinking about how quickly I can get the clip of him and post it on Revver. I'm going to watermark it with the Revver and Revverberation logos so that we can ride this together even if it gets stripped of the Revtag and gets posted somewhere else.

So stay tuned, folks. I really hope Microsoft and Avenue-A Razorfish will enable this. And to help grease the wheels with Microsoft, I'd like to give them a brief commercial on what looks like one of the coolest new tools we'll all be using in 6 months. Check out the beta of a new Microsoft tool for creating a custom homepage that integrates with everything you want online:

Live is a sexy drag/drop custom portal that (through AJAX) lets you easily create a homepage that syndicates RSS, other digital content, and whatever else you check on a regular basis. In my humble opinion, it pushes Yahoo and Google homepage into the dark ages.

Lastly, someone asked about how he plans to increase MSN's tiny share of the search market. His answer was intriguing. He wants his search solution to be woven into the fabric of how we interact with our vast collection of digital media- from the desktop to the media center.

Now common, Microsoft and Avenue-A. Give me the clip.


At 3/17/2006 5:46 PM, Anonymous Joe S said...

I also attended the event where Balmer spoke, and although it was difficult to see him sweat in a white shirt, his passion about the future of media integration was infectious. We've all become the programmers of our own personal media mix, and Microsoft seems to really get it. Wish I could say the same about Madison Avenue.


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