Sunday, March 26, 2006

Online Media & Offline Networks (Boston Globe)

This "Clip and Play" article from today's The Boston Globe references some of the offline/online synergies I mentioned in a previous post today:

An excerpt:
VH1 still runs its oldfangled ''Top 20 Video Countdown," where James Blunt and Kelly Clarkson reign, but it has also introduced ''Web Junk 20," a show featuring comic Patrice O'Neal poking fun at a series of Internet clips. Bravo has a series called ''Outrageous and Contagious: Viral Videos," a similarly themed clip show with a voice-over that's almost as sarcastic but less profane.

The USA Network, meanwhile, has ordered a pilot for a late-night talk show based on, a Howard Stern favorite that features videos and prank phone calls made with clips of celebrity voices. NBC is planning a show called ''Carson's Cyberhood," an ''America's Funniest Home Videos" knockoff starring MTV-host-gone-mainstream Carson Daly.

Roiland says Channel 101 has opened industry doors for him; several network executives have said they love his work, even if they're not quite sure what to do with it. Still, he worries that the very qualities that make online videos so appealing -- the no-holds-barred creativity, the instant gratification -- aren't always easy to translate to TV.

''If you're making something for a network or anybody, if they're paying for it, they're going to want to get in there and meddle and change things and compromise your vision," Roiland says.

For TV producers, the appeal of Web content is obvious: It's popular, abundant, interactive, and often free. ''Purely from a production standpoint, these shows are the next generation of reality TV. We're just providing the forum," says Michael Hirschorn, VH1's executive vice president for original programming. And he figures most Web videographers would love the recognition. ''For all the success of MySpace and things of that sort," he says, ''there still is a magic to being on television."


At 3/26/2006 5:58 PM, Blogger Marquisdejolie said...

"Compromised vision"!?

I already have compromised vision.

Just slap me on the butt, call me a whore and get my crap on the air!

We'll worry about 'compromised vision' when I attain something to compromise.


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