Monday, March 06, 2006

Revver Fan Club

I've gotten some passionate e-mails on the address about Revver. Seems there are more than a number of us that are excited about Revver. Lots of ideas about understanding Revver better, improving it, and tracking the pre-launch countdown. We're getting close to moving past beta.

So maybe we take this further than my blog... a fan club? Man that sounds geeky as I read it. Still, maybe there's a call for a discussion group online. I'm not suggesting we get together for a field trip.

I think I can figure out how to set up an online discussion forum, and at the least I could give us a way to speak to each other without worrying about our e-mails being scraped by spammers.

So drop me a line if you're interested... I don't check the account daily, but once I get a few people I'll blast out a note. Let me know if I should put your e-mail address in the BCC so others don't see it.



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