Monday, March 13, 2006

Revver's First Competitor? Motion.TV.

I've just learned about another model of "revenue sharing" for videos. Motion.TV- Revver's first competitor?

I received a message posted on YouTube from Shawn McCoy (Content Manager) inviting me to post my videos on Motion.TV. The site focuses on extreme sports and crashes, but there are broader categories available. I set up account, and posted a Revverized video. Needless to say, the tag dropped. A University of Phoneix ad appeared next to my first clip. Will I ever see a percentage of that income? Doubt it. I did complete a form, in which I needed to provide a paypal e-mail address and social security number. Half of me is wondering if I just signed off on a scam- a few Nigerian's will be moving into my house next week.

My favorite part of the Motion.TV enrollment was this quote: "You have the opportunity to make money from your video by simply posting it to our site. We will give you a percentage of all the ad revenue generated from your video clips. While it is impossible to determeine how much revenue that you will receive; your revenue share is tied directly to the popularity of your video(s) as well as to the overall dollars earned by Motion.TV(tm) in any given month."

Bold promise. A percentage. Revverberation's closing thought: There's .5 percent of alcohol in O'Douls beer.


At 3/14/2006 11:36 AM, Anonymous Shawn McCoy said...

My name is Shawn McCoy and I am the Content Manager who contacted you.
If you have any questions about Motion.TV feel free to contact me on
my direct line @ 310-842-9088, I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

In regards to your Blog Post you mentioned the University of Phoenix
ads running on the site... Yes, people are being compensated a
percentage of the advertising revenue from those ads.

A few of the ways Motion.TV members are making money from advertising:

1. CPM (Cost per impression)

2. CPC (Cost per Click - as you can see Google Adsense is running)

3. CPA (Cost per acquisition)

( pays revenue generated coming from people clicking the ad at the end of the video - right?)

we also have an affiliate program where you receive a cut of what members you refer to Motion.TV make... this is also a set formula and once again we do not disclose this formula or percentage.

If you want we can provide you with filmmaker references from Motion.TV (people who have been compensated from the advertising revenue) but much like Google programs we do not disclose the exact percentage or formula used to compute the advertising revenue share
(but it is a set percentage).
Thanks for checking out Motion.TV.

Shawn McCoy
Content Manager
310 842 9088 office
310 836 8406 fax

At 3/14/2006 12:54 PM, Anonymous AquaDad said...

I checked out the website and I'm intrigued. Probably try it out in a week or so after I watch it for awhile.

I did note that they have a 10MB maximum.

I kind of like the 2 minute max, because I don't typically watch anything longer than that (unless a longer one is recommended to me).

I will stay tuned to to hear more.

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