Monday, March 20, 2006

Revver's review cycle and click fraud explanation

Revver's Response "Rob" (RRR) posted an elaborate post on Revver's official Blog regarding the review cycle and click fraud. Click here to read it.

The only part from RRR's post that's a bit unclear is the statement that "we have structured a review system that we think will move videos quickly from you computer via the Revver Upload Client to our network." We're not sure if that means that a human has to review each video, and how slow that will make the post-to-view cycle. From many of the e-mails and posts on Revverberation, it's clear that most of us want instant gratification of completing a video and telling friends it's there.

Maybe the triple-R can clarify?


At 3/20/2006 9:53 AM, Anonymous James Jarvis said...

It looks to me from the out-of-sequence time stamps that some videos take longer to review than others AND/OR the reviewing process is divided up between several reviewers and it takes some reviewers longer than others to get the job done.

So Joe Schmo could upload a video and have it displayed on Revver BEFORE Dawn Delayed who uploaded her video 4 hours before Joe. My God! The Revver world is out of sequence! Cognitative dissonance! I'm having a Donnie Darko moment.

To be fair to the Revver interns (interns? my 'art' is being handled by 'INTERNS!?) I wouldn't know how to handle reviewing submitted videos.

Take my last submission to Revver, for example. I drew a human skull smoking a cigarette in Photoshop. How would an intern know whether I drew it or stole it off a heavy metal albulm cover? I googled the word 'skull' and came up with 484,000 images. There's no way an intern could go through all 484,000 skulls in a day to check me out.

And yet, the latest video displayed on Revver, hilarious as it is, seems a blatant copyright infringement to me.

At 3/22/2006 1:12 PM, Anonymous Rob said...


Rob here. Sorry if I was not clear on my blog posting. I am working on a few new ones that should provide some answers to your questions.

Basically, here is the deal:

The review process is currently not being performed by interns but rather by key staff members who have extensive and diverse backgrounds in the media (content) industry. We have to perform these reviews with a human eye right now, there just isn’t any other way, but we’re human – and not perfect. So we’ll be also rolling out a Revver community-based flagging feature to allow you guys to mark videos that we’ve missed as copyright infringement. You guys spend as much time on the site as us, so it’s really the only way.

We are ramping up our full-time content review team and have developed some fairly sophisticated tools for reviewing incoming video, some of which I don’t (can’t) want to mention yet but are moderating rocking.

Now for the “Most Recent” confusion... Originally we had it configured that videos were posted in the order that they actually were ingested, and what would occur is that videos would be marked with a ingestion time of say 01/01/2006 10:00am, and when made public by the user would be placed in “Most Recent” based on that date. So if you had uploaded on said 01/01/2006 and made it public on 01/02/2006, there was no way it’d make the front page. And folks like to see their videos on the front page. That’s part of the fun.

So now that we have our new review process most likely we will switch back to it being ordered per transcoding time stamp.

I hope this clarifies things.

Keep posting!

At 3/23/2006 6:02 PM, Blogger Nalts said...

Rob's most interesting response: "And folks like to see their videos on the front page. That’s part of the fun."

Well put. So let's have more front pages... by category. Fuzzy can be at the top of the porn page, and I'll shoot for the top of the stupid-kid-video page. James will get a clear lock on the surreal page's "top rated."

The more sections, the more enticing the site is for visitors. And the more opportunity there is for each dog to have his day. The tags get close to this, but it's not as clean.

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