Thursday, March 23, 2006

Steve Ballmer: Advertisers, Advertisers, Advertisers

It took a week to get here, but at last Revverberation can debut the official Revver version of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at last week's Avenue-A Razorfish client summit. Here's the video, and below is the backstory in case you're interested:

Here's my CubeBreak page devoted to Steve Ballmer.

Now the back story. As some of you read last week, I attended a client summit of Avenue-A Razorfish. They somehow got Ballmer to address the crowd on Friday, March 17. Most of us had been out to 3:00 a.m. the night before, so it was nice having Ballmer's energy in the room at this point. Over dinner the night before I told people I was going to ask Steve Ballmer to give us a recap of his infamous "Developers, Developers, Developers" rap. Three people offered me $5 each if I did it.

After Steve presented (see I'm calling him Steve now, like we're on a first name basis), I was the first to the mike. You could see the look of panic in the people from my company and those from Avenue-A Razorfish that had fanned my flame. Steve took the question well, and gave the context of his Developers screech. Even better, he gave us a new line to work with: "Not anymore baby. It's Advertisers, Advertisers, Advertisers."

What's amusing to me about this isn't just the enthusiasm with which he delivers the message. It actually makes me wonder if he wasn't just playing to the room of interactive advertisers. Can this give us clues into where Microsoft is headed? I leave it to more insightful people to speculate. Post amongst yourselves...

Thanks to Steve Ballmer for giving me permission to post this on the web. Honestly- as soon as he finished doing this bit, I asked if he was okay if I posted it to the web. He granted approval right from the stage. It's good to be the king, and not need to check with your PR people, isn't it?

Thanks also to the good folks at Avenue-A Razorfish for so quickly getting me the clip from the summit. Tina, Katy, Amy, Laura, Brian, Josh, Chris, John, Whathisname, and Brad, etc. Thank you. Fantastic event, from what I remember of it.


At 3/23/2006 5:57 PM, Blogger Nalts said...

Okay- I thought this would be the most viral video I've got, and it's got 83 views on Revver and 143 views on YouTube.

It's an exclusive video of the Microsoft CEO talking about the power of advertising. Throw me a bone here, people.


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