Friday, March 17, 2006

Steve Balmer

So Steve is at the hotel I'm at in Florida. I tried calling the Weston and asking for him, but he must have checked in using a psuedonym. Tomorrow I'll make $15 if I yell "developer, developer, developer" when he speaks. I might just do it.

But I degress. I wanted to tell you that Revver is consider new models of advertising. If you think about it, the click model is nice but the impressions are also worth something. Right now creators (and presumably Revver) aren't garnering profit from the incredible amount of impressions delivered at the end of the ads. Currently I pay (in my day job) a good amount for impressions. So I feel like Revver has a right to charge for that even if the advertiser doesn't get a click.

Got a message today that Revver is considering new models- which is encouraging.


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