Sunday, March 19, 2006

Stuck in Revver's "In Review" cue

* Update: All seems well again since this post. Thanks, Revver *

Is anyone else have delays posting, or have I just been earmarked by the Revver Copyright Soup Nazi as a "high risk"? Last night I posted a video (using the uploader software, since I can't seem to find the upload menu item on the site anymore) and waited an hour or so. I finally gave up.

This morning it's still in the UNAVAILABLE section in a "in review" section.

I hope this is a technical glitch and not a change in the process. And if it is a glitch, I hope they assign it to a different technical team than the one working on the rating functionality (which has been out for almost a month). One of my favorite things about Revver (besides the hope of making some cash) is the fact that I can post almost instantly. YouTube doesn't offer this, and Google's posts take longer than it takes to get a shipment from these days.

Let's put the Revv back in Revver. I need more cow bell, baby.


At 3/19/2006 5:27 AM, Anonymous James Jarvis said...

Yeah, if you check the date/time stamp under the videos, you can see nobody's getting through. When they catch up with the glitch, all the videos will be mass-published so that my video(s) submitted during this Rev-flu will automatically be on the bottom of the pile or on page 2. I won't even get one second of playtime on the "Most Recent" (4) board.

On the other hand, look at the bright side. It'll force video addicts to dig through the composted videos.

At 3/19/2006 6:52 AM, Blogger Nalts said...

Oh that's a bummer. I didn't think about it. I strategically timed my upload for late last night in hopes that I could live on "most recent" for more than 15 minutes of fame. Maybe I'll resubmit.

You're right about digging through compost. I think I'll do that in lieu of Church today. Any spiritual ones?

At 3/19/2006 11:31 AM, Anonymous Dawn Westlake said...

Yes, there's some problem. A video I put up on Friday morning is still tagged "processing" in my unavailable cue...and now, it's Sunday morning.

At 3/19/2006 4:04 PM, Anonymous AquaDad said...

If you read Revver's Blog, Rob from Revver indicated that there is a new video review process. So I don't think it's a glitch, I think it's their new process. I have sent in a question to them asking them what their turnaround time will be but I have yet to hear from them.

At 3/19/2006 6:56 PM, Anonymous James Jarvis said...

Well, if it IS new policy rather than a glitch, I'm out. 12 or 24 hour turnaround from upload to posting spoils the video game aspect of posting to Revver. No more placement strategies.

It also disconnects the pleasure from the act (how would you like to have sex and then have to wait 12 or 24 hours for the orgasm?)

Two aspects of Revver set it apart from the dozens of other places to post my videos: the stipend and the instant gratification. Take away the instant gratification and I'm not sure the .002 cents an hour I'm making on the stipend is enough to keep me avoiding real graphics work.

At 3/19/2006 7:30 PM, Blogger Get Paid For Your Videos said...

I don't know if this happened to anyone else, but on the night in question, My Hooker Booty video mysteriously got deleted. Usually I get an email from Revver if they take a video down, but this video just went bye-bye.


At 3/20/2006 7:56 AM, Anonymous Dawn Westlake said...

The upload problem is not fixed for me, yet...the video I put up Friday morning "processed" for three days, and now, this morning, it's been tagged "failed". No email from revver (as per usual when they have a technical problem or a content problem). This is a vid that has been all over the world in film fests and has even won monetary awards, so I don't know what revver's objection would be?


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