Thursday, March 23, 2006

This online video thing is a fad

So here's an article by the San Francisco Chronicle ( covers the trend of online videos, and lists just about every site but Revver. Grrrrrr. We need more PR folks.

Some interesting excerpts:
>>>The video clips demonstrate how the Internet is reshaping how we get our television entertainment. The material online can be unmentionably bad. The clips are grainy. The lighting is poor. The subject is boring. And some could even encourage reckless and dangerous behavior.
>>>Nearly half of all Internet users -- about 34 million homes, if not more -- have watched video streamed online, according to Forrester Research, a technology research firm.
>>>Simultaneously, the online video phenomenon is producing a new generation of amateur filmmakers... who are able to capture thousands if not millions of viewers online, rivaling some television shows.
>>>Granted, Internet video has been around for years.... but the phenomenon seemed to reach a turning point last year when Web sites started offering video archives, said Josh Bernoff, a Forrester Research analyst.
>>>MTV is teaming up with YouTube to promote one of its television shows, one of many more potential deals..., which calls itself an "extreme video site," has struck a deal for a one-hour pilot on USA Network. And ABC said it is planning to experiment with streaming primetime television shows in the coming months.
>>>By 2007, people are expected to watch 29 billion streams of video, up from 18 billion in 2005, according to AccuStream iMedia Research.

Dear Revver... let's get the media alert to the Revver differentiator (sharing the ad money), and even better... capture a cross-promotion with a network or cable show!

Video sites mentioned in the article:


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