Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Upload Delay Update

Thanks to Revver's Responsive Rob for the updates on the uploading approval process. Still, I think this video depicts how I'm feeling about the gap between posting and seeing my stuff in the "most recent" section...

Anyway, here is Rob's post:

The review process is currently not being performed by interns but rather by key staff members who have extensive and diverse backgrounds in the media (content) industry. We have to perform these reviews with a human eye right now, there just isn’t any other way, but we’re human – and not perfect. So we’ll be also rolling out a Revver community-based flagging feature to allow you guys to mark videos that we’ve missed as copyright infringement. You guys spend as much time on the site as us, so it’s really the only way.

We are ramping up our full-time content review team and have developed some fairly sophisticated tools for reviewing incoming video, some of which I don’t (can’t) want to mention yet but are moderating rocking.

Now for the “Most Recent” confusion... Originally we had it configured that videos were posted in the order that they actually were ingested, and what would occur is that videos would be marked with a ingestion time of say 01/01/2006 10:00am, and when made public by the user would be placed in “Most Recent” based on that date. So if you had uploaded on said 01/01/2006 and made it public on 01/02/2006, there was no way it’d make the front page. And folks like to see their videos on the front page. That’s part of the fun.

So now that we have our new review process most likely we will switch back to it being ordered per transcoding time stamp.

I hope this clarifies things.

Keep posting!


At 3/22/2006 4:43 PM, Anonymous James Jarvis said...

Hahaha! "Revver Upload Waiting". Funny. But where's your thumbnail? Hey! Where's mine?

I have consciously resisted making videos for Revver about Revver. The nuns and priests at St. Mary's University (San Antonio) didn't think my inhouse (student newspaper) parodies were so funny (I was kicked out of the school for them), so why should Revver technicians?

If I DID make a video about Revver, it might be entitled, "Playing Strip Revver." A picture of my deisel pickup would appear in the first frames. A male voice would say, "I fell in love with this vehicle."

Then the camper top would disappear. The voice would say, "Then I found out about the $20 PER Rule."

Then the tires would disappear. "Then the rating system stopped."

Then the headlights disappear. "They started subtracting money from my account."

Then the side doors dissappear. The voice says, "Then they started holding my videos for 6 to 12 hours."

Focus in on a guy scratching his head. He looks at the stripped pickup and says,"How'm I s'posed ta DRIVE this thing?"

That's what my video on Revver might look like, but I'm not doing it. Hope any Revver reviwers looking at this have a sense of humor . . . or NONE of my thumbnails will make it.

At 3/23/2006 3:35 AM, Blogger Nalts said...

First of all, I really like your diesel pickup concept. Here's to hoping they make the pickup reappear with a tuned up engine, GPS and XM Radio.

My thumbnail vanished because I tried changing it last night and there were technical problems. This morning, I was playing with thumbnails (that sounds grosse) and found REALTIME updates on thumbnails, which have always been a bit fickle. Sometimes it has accepted the change, and then kept with the version it likes as default. Have you ever notice that the default is sometimes the one you want? Coincidence I guess.

Funny about your underground newspaper. Senior year in highschool, I had a meeting with the principal of Georgetown Prep. He expressed concern about my underground paper, and that he heard I was getting ready to publish results from a student survey (which asked about, among other things, use of drugs). He "talked me out" of publishing that story on the basis of negative PR if The Washgington Post got wind of it.

Meanwhile, I had transferred into Prep from Jesuit in New Orleans where I had a similar moment. The school's disciplinarian (Gernund Brown) took offense to the fact that I was using his name and impersonating him by calling into a nightly radio show called "The Royal Flush" on B97 FM. It didn't help that I got caught playing clips from the show on a boombox and he heard them from his window above. Truth is, I could tell he was kinda flattered. Kinda like he was with the Jesuit Underground Cartoon series that depicted him cloning everyone in the school like a Gernund lookalike.

At 3/23/2006 8:26 AM, Anonymous James Jarvis said...

Actually, I was editor of the official, school-sponsored newspaper. It wasn't until they kicked me out of their school that I started the underground version.

I wonder if Revver's mounting technical problems have anything to do with the three Janes on Wilshire ( )?

At 3/23/2006 9:41 AM, Anonymous Dawn Westlake said...

So, I'm going to ask again...Does anyone else see that they have taken down the "accounts" page for maintenance when you try to check your revenue totals? They said the feature would be fixed in 24 hours, but it's been a few days now. Two of my vids have been bouncing between 1-3 in the top-rated section for awhile, and it would be a big bummer if they'd wiped out my account. ;-(
Any insight?

At 3/23/2006 2:13 PM, Blogger Marquisdejolie said...

Yes, the accounts page is still down and yes, they DID say it would be fixed in 24 hours, but those were REVVER hours they were talking about. It's like dog years or something. Your stuff's original content and good enough you should cut a CD and Revver NEEDS original content, so they won't mess with your nickel and dime adclicks, I'll betcha.


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