Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Video Sites from SacredCow

Below is a nice list of video sites from a recent SacredCowDungWeb 2.0 roundup.

Here's the fresh list with a few additions and subtractions (you didn't think I was going to publish a list without Revver and CubeBreak, did you?):
Ajaxilicious - Share your movies thru RSS.
Blinkx - Personalized epg.
Broadbandsports - Upload & share sports videos.
Clipshack - Upload & send video.
CubeBreak- Fun online videos for bored office workers
Dailymotion - Upload & share videos.
Evoketv - Localized epg (ajax).
Getdemocracy - Watch or make tv.
Mefeedia - Videoblog search.
Mightyv - Web based tv search & epg (UK).
Openvlog - Upload & record video.
Pooxi - Upload & (revenue) share video.
Revver- Upload videos and get paid
Theunseenvideo - Video & weather mash-up animation.
Truveo - Ranked video search.
Turnhere - Upload & share video (local).
Veoh - Upload & share videos.
Videobomb - Submit & vote for video links.
Videoegg - Capture, edit & publish video.
Vimeo - Upload & share video.
Vsocial - Upload, rank & share video.
Woomu - Submit, vote for & rank videos.
Yashi - Upload & share video.
Youtube- Upload & share video.
Zippyvideos - Upload & share video.


At 3/23/2006 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what set broadbandsports.com apart is (yea "sports")the deep collaborative community wrapped into it.

It's more accurately descibed as a "tagged" social network focued on sports.


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