Thursday, March 30, 2006

We're Not Alone: Online Video Achieves Mass Appeal

Online Video Achieving Mass Appeal with
News Leading the Way, According to
Online Publishers Association Study

Here are some highlights of a publication called the Measuring Local Audiences Online report. The excerpts are from a joint press release issued today (March 29) by Online Publishers Association and Frank N. Magid Associates.

One-in-Four Internet Users Access Video Weekly;
Video Advertisements Drive Specific Actions
Video viewing online has reached the point where it is a routine practice for many Internet users. “From Early Adoption to Common Practice: A Primer on Online Video Viewing” is the first OPA study to look at how the U.S. online population perceives video and video advertising.
>> News Leads: While humor gets the buzz, news/current events is the most frequently viewed online video category.
>> From Ads to Action: The vast majority of video viewers have seen video ads and many are being driven to take action.
>> Specific Destinations Popular. Visiting specific Web sites -- such as ;) --is a very popular way to find online video; general surfing is nearly as common.
>> The OPA video study found that 24 percent of Internet users access video at least once a week, while 46 percent watch video at least once a month. News leads the way in frequency of viewing, with 27 percent of online video viewers watching at least once a week, followed closely by funny videos (26 percent watch at least once a week).
>> Online video viewing is very common at home (39 percent of those with home Internet access watch at least once a week) compared to 19% of those who watch at least once a week at work.
>> Video ad watchers generally prefer short ads, however 39 percent said they would watch ads lasting longer than 30 seconds.


At 3/30/2006 11:12 AM, Blogger Marquisdejolie said...

Man, you're birdoggin' all kinds of good ideas. I've gotta get on this 'news' angle. I'll get right out and start videotaping car accidents. But how do I know where the accidents will be? I know, I'll stand on the street corner and throw rocks at 'em.

No, that's been done already.

Seriously, thanks again for all the good info.

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