Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who is Rob, the Responsive Revver Guy?

Rob the Responsive Revver guy (RRR) has a few of his own videos on Revver. Check 'em out. I think we're seeing a side of him we don't see in his blog posts.


(I think I'll post this to's weird section)



At 3/22/2006 2:52 PM, Anonymous James Jarvis said...

Unless Rob is a heavy metal punk rock musician, he borrowed someone else's music for his intro and exit music in Mad Bad Tapeworm. Is that, I wonder, because he posted it back in the wild west days of Revver (this January) or because we are allowed to use small clips of other people's work?

I'm not being facetious or trying to poison someone else's well (a colorful legal term in commercial law). I seem to remember some kind of seven note rule concerning appropriating/incorporating someone else's music.

Again, I'm not trying to pull someone else's drawers down, I just want to know with clarity what the dress code is. Four of my videos from back in the Revver startup days were rejected and I don't know why. I'd like to know so that I won't waste time repeating mistakes.

Were they put in the rejected pile because they were so boring no viewer could get to the end to do an adclick? I'd like to know that. I need feedback, just a short email saying, "Sorry, dude, this video was rejected for lack of interest." I could understand that.

In a couple of my rejected videos, I used the background music that comes with iPhoto. If that's a no-no, I'd like to know that. I need feedback (just on my rejected crap).

In one of my videos, I used a background track from Mike O'neil, a professional musician (his dad was big in the Louisiana Hayride) who was a roommate of mine at the Westside Residence Hall for homeless veterans. He said I could use any one of 15 of his tracks, but I'm starting to bore folk now.

I need clarification on the Revver dress code and feedback on rejected videos. My Somnambulant Waterworm ( copyright 1999 ) does, too.


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