Friday, April 21, 2006

The Curse of the Babbling Video Player

Revver, Grouper and other web video players are kindly offering a video player HTML to allow you to place their videos into your site. Basically there are three ways to syndicate other videos on your own properties and you don't have to be a coding genius to do it. In this model you're the "affiliate."
1) Link to the source site. Very retro, but the only way many players let you do it.
2) Insert thumbnail. This is what I usually do on Revverberation and CubeBreak. I love this because it's very small, simple and gives the viewer an instant picture of the content that the creator controls and can refresh. I wish the title of the video was imbedded because I hate retyping them on CubeBreak.
3) Insert an HTML "player." CubeBreak has one of these on the homepage for the "video of the day."

I don't know if you recall, but Revver used to have a very undisciplined player. It would load as soon as the page loaded. So you would show up on someone's blog and all of these video players would start screaming at you at once. Now it's activated by the visitor hitting the window's play button, it generally plays once, it loads the ad and it sits quietly. Grouper, unfortunately, has a more volatile one right now- forgivable since its in beta. So the previous post I inserted the HTML player and it drove me and some loyal Revverberation viewers crazy last night... it wouldn't shut up. I think it even looped. So now it's a link.

Anyway- part of the magic of allowing affiliates to syndicate is a) get the player working well for their site, and b) give them an affiliate fee.

See we're an unofficial Revver blog, but putting the learnings out there for all.


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