Monday, April 10, 2006

Disney/ABC Awakens to Ad-Supported Free Video Model

Well, Revverites, it seems that Mickey Mouse is migrating to the Revver model- free, ad supported content online. Starting in May, you'll be able to watch your favorite ABC Shows (Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Commander in Chief) online and free- the morning after they air. See CNN's coverage of the story.

According to the WSJ, ABC will "unveil a revamped Web site that will include a "theater" where people with broadband connections can watch free episodes." ABC currently has a busy site that feels like t.v. on the web... commercials and promos launch whether you're ready or not.

Here's another interesting story covering this transformation: "Are You Ready for the New Media" by

Does this mean viral videos produced by amateurs will fade? I think quite the contrary. This will further validate online viewing, and help tear down the artificial walls between your t.v. set and your computer. In a few years, the difference between "online videos" and broadcast television will seem trivial. There won't be a distinction. The same goes for Podcasting/Syrius/XM/iTunes. It all just becomes "audio on demand" and I don't care if it comes from my Verizon broadband connection or my Comcast video box. As long as I am in control of what I watch.


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