Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Easter Bunny Hates You

This is an instant classic... The Easter Bunny Hates You. I just featured it on's exclusive new "video of the day."

"Digital" is the poster. One to watch. I hope he's the actual creator of this Bunny bit so that it doesn't get Derevvered!


At 4/06/2006 8:12 AM, Blogger Marquisdejolie said...

'The Fart': Nice execution! Hahaha! You threatened a fart movie and you followed through. Hahaha! Nice touch with the 'serious film' credits.

Watch out. It might go viral and then you'll be typecast. I did a goofy little throwaway vid a couple of months ago thinking it was just a lark ... and it's up to over 13,000 views now.

5 stars for your fart noir!

At 4/07/2006 8:34 AM, Blogger idonothingallday said...

The Easter Bunny clip is great


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