Wednesday, April 19, 2006

FireFox Contest Wraps

Adotas provided an update on the FireFox video competition. It's been fun watching the videos surface on Revver, and they're very well packaged. I was expecting more humor, but the quality on many of the videos look like they came from Madison Ave. If the rating function worked on Revver the judges could take some audience participation. American Idol, afterall, gets more engaging when it's us deciding- not Simon, Randy or Paula. By the way- what's with the bitchy feud between Seacrest and Simon? But as the lawnmower says, I de-grass.

This contest was a great marketing partnership between Revver/Firefox. We need more of these, Revver- especially exclusive arrangments. I love it when two "Avis- We Try Harder" players team up... this would have been so much less interesting if it was YouTube and Explorer. I've become a Firefox loyalist over the past few weeks, and I'm noticing our web logs (in my day job) show more and more visitors using FireFox- we now QA our websites on it as a standard SOP. I de-grass again.

If you haven't been on the FireFox blog, I'd highly recommend it.

Below is the update and summary from Adotos.
Since earlier this year, the Mozilla Foundation has been running a grassroots video campaign/contest to promote their popular Firefox web browser. encourages visitors to create 30-second video ads highlighting the benefits of using Firefox, and encouraging viewers to visit, where they can download the browser. The ‘Flicks are hosted by Revver, an online video uploading and sharing site that lets video publishers attach clickable video ads to their work. As of today, Mozilla said they have received more than 280 entries for the fest.

“The reaction to the first wave of Firefox Flicks videos has been awesome. In the first week, these community produced videos have been viewed over one million times,” said Mozilla’s community coordinator Asa Dotzler in a statement. “We’ll be posting new entries every day at and invite everyone to come check them out.”

All the ‘Flicks will be reviewed by judges from both Hollywood and Madison Avenue, who will select three winners. Mozilla, one of the sponsors of the 2006 San Francisco International Film Festival, will announce the winners there, and host an awards reception and screening for FirefoxFlicks finalists on April 27th. There, they will also hold a panel discussion on community-generated video, featuring panelists from Butler, Shine & Stern, Current TV, and Revver. The winning videos will eventually become part of a greater Firefox marketing campaign.


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