Friday, April 28, 2006

Free PR advice for Revver (and worth every penny)

Revver is starting to get some media mentions, and I know a lot of the fanfare is on hold because it hsan't officially launched -- of course most of us forgot it hasn't launched. Now I appreciate that the strategy won't involve a lot of "chest beating," but I think Revver is missing out on some fantastic PR opportunities which would help it gain some critical mass (important as new entrants appear). So here's some free unsolicited PR advice. Revverites- feel free to add comments!

Revver in the TradesThe low-hanging fruit is online and media trade magazines, and that should be an important target. It should also be relatively easy since the model is so unique, and this could have started in November.
The Revver PLUS Story
Tell the story of the people and companies using Revver. It will be less self serving, and there are great examples. From a business perspective, ExpoTV is building a business on top of Revver. From a human intrigue perspective, you have a guy in NYC videotaping random women and a homeless agoraphobic in Texas giving tips about what shopping cart to pick. This should be a "lay up." A seasoned PR person I work with put it this way: "always tell stories about the little guy... like the psychotic who now has an outlet for his creativity (Wired); the mom who used to be a tv producer and now is using her videos to leverage a sitcim deal (NYT)."
Embrace the Blogosphere
Rob is the only guy interacting with Revverberation (the unofficial blog of Revver). Would love to see some more interaction with the top folks or the PR agency. We've got 3000 people a month popping by, and it's a nice channel for Revver to communicate. More importantly, get active in the consumer-generated discussions about Revver. Leverage the blogosphere like you would journalists. And activate Steve Rubel.
FireFox put Revver on the map, and more Revver-facilitated contests are a terrific strategy. Provide free ad space (and Revver ad revenue) to the contest provider and get reflected glory when the news spreads. Revver could easily hold its own contests too, without appear to be in YouTube's space... get creative. The seasoned PR guy said: "contests are proven attention getters, think Nobel, Pulitzer, Oscar."
People don't understand Revver yet, and what it means to them. Eat your own dogfood. Use Revver videos to show people how it works. Or get your fans to do it.
Business Development
Get some business development activity with some more Revver "overlay" models and do some joint PR. Again- ExpoTV is the first of many models that will facilitate consumer-generated video without the headaches of hosting videos or selling ads. CubeBreak is available for joint PR, but we exceeded our 2006 PR budget by 45% on the $80 PRWeb filing.
Cure the Boring Press Room
Jazz up that horribly dull press room with some videos! Showcase some videos that the media will find interesting. Have Revver people speak on Revver-served videos. Get Revver posters to provide testimonials. Oh anything but text, text, text. Search would help too.
Leverage the Founders
You've got some terrific people that are as interesting as Revver. The founder promoted Marley, mon. The "chief scientist" was one of the top innovators under 35. The co-founder worked for Qwest (so did I for 2 years... almost sold my stock at about 65 but the stock hotline put me on hold, and then I watched the stock drop to the single digits before I jumped). Rob is a Newsweek story in and of himself. I'd put him in front of journalists in a second but I've only seen him quoted once. Nico? I'd read a book about his life. The VP of network was featured as a "who's who in high tech." This is an all Starr team. Leverage it.

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