Thursday, April 27, 2006

How-to Videos on Video Editing- IzzyVideos

Thanks, AquaDad for pointing out a fantastic site... has short modules on how to make better videos on Final Cut Pro (Apple). Now Final Cut Pro isn't for everyone because it's tough to use and very expensive. But these effects make it very tempting.

Here are some interesting things about this site:
1) Izzy works full time and does this on the weekend (sound familiar?)
2) He uses his kids to make his videos (Nalts likes that).
3) The videos are extremely simple. One effect at a time, clear instructions, calm voice and a visualization of the effect and the interface. It draws on a lot of best-practices of adult-learning (I used to develop training simulations in Philly, which is where I learned big words like "adult-learning).
4) The some 27-plus tips are often user-generated questions
5) The content is free

Here's an example of one of his tips... a Matrix-like effects by delaying a video layer that has transparancy). This link opens up a video file, so don't click if your broadband can't hang.

There aren't many sites that could move to a pay-for-content model, but Izzy's stuff definitely is an example of one that could.


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