Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I Don't Like My Own Videos Anymore

I've been comforted that my videos were somewhat better than a lot of the garbage on YouTube, and then I discovered this site... ShortFuture.

I imagine there's a place for both amateurs and short-film producers in the future world of online video & television conversion. But check out Blockbusters and you'll see some incredible production quality. You just might get sucked into the 16 minutes.

Note two interesting things per recent Revverberation posts:
1) This is NOT an example of "Citizens Created Commercials (CCC)." I'm willing to bet that Blockbuster financed this, and secured rights to the music. The payoff is too promotional ("Blockbuster doesn't charge late fees anymore.").
2) Note that ShortFuture doesn't give us a Flash option (just Quicktime and Windows Media). A little anachronistic according to this post by Scott Persinger.


At 4/05/2006 4:05 AM, Blogger Marquisdejolie said...

Not to worry. Whenever I upload a stinker to Revver, I am comforted by the knowledge that there are dozens and dozens of folks out there willing to compete with me to make a worse one.

Can't really do anything about the legion of folks who insist on putting production value in their videos, so I'll just duke it out with the unwashed masses down below and comfort myself with the fact that no one's been bitch-slapped yet for making a crappy home video.

At 4/05/2006 10:02 AM, Anonymous AquaDad said...

Nalts, I'll take your Evil Hand 1 & 2, Egg Smashers, and Annoying My Son over any of those big budget overproduced ones anyday.

At 4/06/2006 4:06 AM, Blogger Marquisdejolie said...


Nalts, if you ever start to doubt the quality of your videos, just check out my yeevil. No, really, "Yeevil." I got so desperate for content that I turned to the dictionary.

At 4/07/2006 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


In repsonse to your comments about blockbuster the film. Blockbuster, the corp, did not fund the movie. It was simply A student film, with student interest, to show what those students could do as filmmakers. Blockbuster execs have seen the moie but didn't not pick it up.

At 4/07/2006 1:13 PM, Blogger Nalts said...

Thanks for the clarification. So Blockbuster was a student film. Amazing.

That puts it in the class of "Citizen Created Commercials," except it's more entertainment than commercial. Interesting...

Will the creators please stand up, post and take a bow?

At 4/08/2006 12:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

--Blockbuster Video was interested but do to the competition of netflix, their company is going through some changes right now and said"we're not saying yes or no to this great film, but it's just not on the shelf as a priority right now"
Trever and Luke who created this project can be found at

At 4/08/2006 6:10 AM, Blogger Nalts said...

Thanks. Nice to know the origin. Tell 'em to put it on Revver so they can make some ad dollars as they wait for Blockbuster to decide.

At 4/08/2006 3:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are ad dollars, and how would Blockbusters make money, and how would they get it on this site?

At 4/08/2006 7:31 PM, Blogger Nalts said...

Set up an account on Revver, and upload Blockbusters. Then anyone that watches the movie on Revver (and clicks the ad frame), Revver will share 50% of the advertising revenue. This page explains it...


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