Friday, April 28, 2006

The Online Video Bubble (CNN)

Leave it to a network to provide this sobering and somewhat "hyper skeptical" view of the online video space, titled "Is there an online video bubble." writer Paul R. La Monica -- who doesn't look like he'd be much fun at a party -- writes this critical piece. That said, he does give Revver some airplay. We are finally getting to see hear from people of Revver.

"Our goal is not to build a big video sharing portal. Our goal is to get creators paid," Starr said, adding that he thinks there will be interest in short commercials at the end of videos because viewers won't find the ads to be as obtrusive as commercials that begin before a video.

Here is some more skepticism of the piece (to be fair, it's got some balance too):
>>But with so many sites cropping up and trying to attract financing from venture capitalists, a couple of questions need to be asked.
>>Is there really enough demand for so-called user-generated content, especially when more big media companies like CBS (Research) and Disney's (Research) ABC are putting mainstream programming online for free?
>>And more importantly, how are companies going to make any money from hosting videos of cats chasing a ball or Chinese teens lipsyncing to the Backstreet Boys?
>>Some wonder how many online video companies can actually prosper.

Sure the video online bubble will burst, there will be consolidation and the big media players will enter with money and an audience (and make many of the mistakes the publishers did when the web became big). But I'll contend that we're forever leaving a model of creator>>studio>>network>>channel model and moving to a peer-to-peer one. There will still be some fat in the middle, but much less.


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