Thursday, April 20, 2006

Revver Goes QVC

Suddenly we have nearly 200 videos from ExpoTV. Good stuff if I was looking for product reviews and it was searchable. But to see them dominate the "new" section is a little imposing. Anyone have any thoughts. I did the math... for about every 100 people that read this stuff, about .5 writes something. Cat got your tongue?


At 4/20/2006 8:32 PM, Blogger Marquisdejolie said...

BooOOOOring. I find them booOOOring, and said so on my blog.

At 4/21/2006 6:22 AM, Blogger Marquisdejolie said...

These crackerbarrel EXPLO(sive bowel) videos, reminiscent of 7-11 employee training videos, aren't bad enough, they have to repeat them? I've seen exact 41-second duplicates being dumped on Revver 10 pages apart.

What's wit dat?

Check the number of views these things are getting: zero, zero, zero, zero and oh, here's one that got, uh, zero.

And to make matters worse, Explosive Bowel TV is driving MY views down.

Wake me when it's over

At 4/21/2006 10:23 AM, Blogger idonothingallday said...

if they are double posting videos then it's just wrong.

Perhaps Revver should cap number of uploads at 10 a day so that they don't get spammed like that

At 4/21/2006 12:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good idea! Cap those motherfkrs!

At 4/21/2006 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suddenly Revver sucks. What's with all this home shopper crap?


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