Monday, April 03, 2006

Revver Hires for "Game Design" and AJAX experience

Thanks to James for finding this Revver job listing. One way to see where a company is heading is to look at who they're hiring. This one is pretty encouraging. You'll also get some insights into how Revver is describing itself to candidates:

Revver is looking for an experienced, senior leader for our Web Application Architecture group. Recently dubbed a company to watch by Business 2.0 and others, Revver is a leader in the emerging market of distributed online video, offering *pro-sumer* and entertainment industry customers an avenue to earning revenue on their digital content. This is a unique and challenging opportunity to work on a site that is a combination of an extensive and complex web-based application for editing video, visualizing media data,matching advertisers with content creators, managing dynamic media collections, and creating a *lean-back* video viewing experience akin to TiVo.

My favorite "bonus" requirement: "experience with steaming video architectures and flash development." We don't want Revver to depend on Quicktime only, and this suggests that they're thinking about the next play. Or at the least thinking about how to make their site more interesting as a portal.


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