Sunday, April 16, 2006

Revver Mentioned in "Corporate Media News"

It's interesting to see how journalists describe Revver. Here's a piece from today's "Corporate Media News."


Now there is a service called Revver. This is a new service, it's only been out a few months. It is still tagged as beta, but it is usable. They are promising serious upgrades in the near future. What you do is upload your videos similar to a CafePress or Zazzle for T-Shirts. 30 seconds to a minute shows are the most popular. They display your work, you can post on your own website or you can "send to a friend" easily. After they play, a short ad pops up at the end. If your audience clicks on the advertising, the creator and syndicators make money. People are uploading some funny stuff. Things like "The Dildo Song" are hilarious, but much of the content is what you would expect, similar to "America's Funniest Videos." You can make money syndicating your movies or distributing others. People are encouraged to grab the content from Revver, they even provide the HTML. Your show is "tagged" when you upload. You are paid no matter where it is displayed. Self-syndication without the need of a server. Not bad.

I'm going to go a step further. I have a number of animations that I have created over the years. would now become a free service using Revver to distribute mini movies and animated greetings. I retooled the website using the thumbnails provided by Revver. They are also coded and make it easy to create a menu page. In a short time I have launched a store with more than 40 greetings and animated mini-movies. The nice thing about sending a Revver-based message is that you don't have to register or join a club. None of that credit card stuff either. Tip the author by clicking on the ad. Easy.


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