Monday, April 10, 2006

Revver Needs Traffic!

Having looked at some proprietary internet service provider (ISP) data on March visitor traffic to the major video sites, I can now say conclusively that Revver's traffic is as low as I expected. It's about 1/50th of YouTube's traffic (and YouTube is growing like wild fire).

Multiply your own Revver account balance by 50 and imagine that for a moment. Of course more traffic to Revver will mean more competition for eyeballs. And more traffic may mean fewer ad clicks (I will predict that seasoned Revver users will tend to click a smaller percent of ads, even though they'll look at many more videos). Anyway, we all agree that more traffic to Revver (whether the homepage or the videos on other sites) is good for those of us creating content.

Now what can we do about the traffic? Revver, I hope you're listening...

Four Calls to Action:

1) Accelerate the public relations (best ROI because advertising will be cost-prohibitive for a startup... look at the press YouTube is getting!).
2) Engage Online Advertising (selective keyword buys and targeted CPM). The traffic Revver gets from Google is embarassingly low compared to most of the sites I manage in my day job. We should be seeing 50% plus of the traffic to Revver coming from Google and Yahoo. There are two obvious problems here: a) Revver isn't well "search engine optimized" because the video content isn't searchable by Google crawlers (which index mostly text). b) Revver hasn't done a lick of online keyword buying (the ads on the right). This is a very cost efficient way to attract traffic as long as you buy very targeted terms. I buy "bored" to drive CubeBreak traffic and "Revver" to drive traffic to Revverberation. But I cap the buy very low to avoid going broke. So you'll often see these ads in the morning and not later in the day.
3) Boost affiliate model (give affiliates bigger incentives to post Revver videos)
4) Partner with 2nd-tier video sites. Forget YouTube and Google Video. Aggregate some of the 2nd tier providers and get them using Revver- just like the deal (speaking of which, it's been quiet lately on that deal). Having a flash option to Quicktime will make this easier. Sites like eBaumsworld and can derive additional revenue (without cannibalizing their existing revenue) by including the ad frame.


At 4/10/2006 1:35 PM, Blogger Marquisdejolie said...

It was very important to me to get some of my more informational/documentary-style videos out to as many eyes as possible, so I uploaded some of my stuff to them all. To them all, I said. He-he. A monumental task.

I found that some sites give my videos not 50 but a hundred times the views the same videos got on Revver.

I love ya, Revver, and I appreciate you (because of you I am SO googleable) and I am going to continue to create my content with you primarily in mind, but ya gotta drive our traffic PUHLEEZE!

The first site I ever uploaded a video to was The best I could get out of them was 7 views. What was the point? I could get more views lugging my laptop around the homeless shelter (and get tips and donations, too).

Drive that traffic, baby! I'm with ya. Drive, drive, drive!

--and listen to this man, Nalts The Revverberator, will you!?

At 4/10/2006 1:53 PM, Blogger Nalts said...

True I'm sometimes reminded of when I used to broadcast radio as a kid... via one line that went across the trees to my neighbors house. On a good day I'd get 3 listeners (him, his mom and his dad).

I originally set up Revverberation so I could keep my videos alive by including a callout (like to a specific site. Then I realized that the notion of a Revver blog has limited appeal for most video watchers. So I created CubeBreak to serve this need. Mind you, CubeBreak has been a loss leader for me... I get a little more traffic to my own videos, but the affiliate 20% hasn't amounted to much at all. I spend more promoting it. Like the old SNL commercial: I lose money on each visitor, but make it up in volume.

It is fun to upload videos on the greedy sites (that don't share revenue) and gain lots of exposure and hopefully attract some eyeballs to my own sites or Revver. Revverberation will tip its hat to anyone who can create a WILDLY viral video that promotes Revver on YouTube.

BTW- BRILLIANT idea from "idonothingallday" about recruiting YouTubers to link to Revver. I'm not sure how to incentivize that since it would be difficult to track without YouTube itself facilitating a tracking tag(and they probably wouldn't).

At 4/11/2006 12:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nalts & Gang:

Just catching up, been busy implementing these great ideas you guys (and gals) have been posting. Without saying too much, moving on items 1 & 2. It doesn't happen overnight, but it's happening - trust me.

On number 3 we have something similar up our sleeves and #4 yes, completely.

So the answers are, in any order, yes, doing that, yes, good idea, yes.


At 4/11/2006 2:34 AM, Blogger Nalts said...

Does anyone else wonder what Rob's Reliable Rob (RRR) official role is? Head of customer service, lead technologist, public relations? I guess with a start-up you need all that packaged into one dude.


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