Monday, April 10, 2006

Revver Trumping YouTube? (Motley Fool)

This Motley Fool article had this to say about Revver: "There's a new company called that may even trump YouTube. It offers many of the same features as YouTube, but it's also offering to split ad revenue with users uploading original videos. It's a bold approach. Within a year, Revver will either be huge or it will be history. There is no in-between when you're dishing out that kind of tasty viral candy."

It's nice to see a financial-investment website validate the Revver model. I disagree with the notion that it will be "huge or history" and that it will trump "YouTube." These sites will coexist. I've done more research (via internet service provider data) and the traffic gap between YouTube and Revver is dramatic. Revver is a different business model. Those who want to be popular will gravitate to the site that affords them the most traffic. Those of us who would like some secondary income will stick to sites like Revver.

I am firmly convinced that Revver will always remain an "alternative to YouTube" that offers higher quality video content. Reason #1 -- it's going to attract people that have good enough content that they feel like they can make money. Reason #2 --it's going to keep away your average video uploader (with garbage) because it's easier to upload on YouTube without pesky copyright issues.


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