Thursday, April 20, 2006

Revverberation Announces 15 Best Consumer-Created FireFox Ads

With no official authority, I'd like to now announce the 15 winners of the 27 user-generated FireFox ads I've seen posted on Revverto date. For more information, check out FireFoxFlicks. If you watch only one, see #14 which is the hands-down winner for me (No better way to set yourself apart than to make your competitors look like annoying dorks). #15 is a close second, and watch carefully for some cool moves by the bear.

1) Cutest kids category
Give Me the Soap: kids clean dad's laptop from virus

2) Most self depricating idiot since my stomach pen tossing bit:
Mr. Dodo: pop-up personified (PanMan Productions)

3) Memorable, catchy tune and likable hippy category:
Kitchen: Guy burns hand to demonstrate heat of FireFox

4) Least commercial but beautiful
Daredevil: Woman discusses her love for surfing.

5) Abstract but moving
Get the Fox: Guy gets pulled from kitchen cabinet to beach

6) Best Australian submission we're not sure why we like
Gary: Gary finally views his site from his home, which wins worst-gardenening award

7) Most satisfying if you've ever had an annoying PC
Burned: Computer catches on fire

8) Best humanization of a pop-up
Pop-Up Proposal: Guys proposal is interupted by pop-up ad

9) Weirdest depiction of the old way of browsing (I want to party there)
Old Explorer: Rushing for a date, couple gets distracted by online noise

10) Best acting
Xraalthraal and John: I had to watch this a few times- Someone find out what else the guy who plays Xraalthrael has done.

11) The one that would have cost more than the whole contest did if Madison Ave made it.
Upgrade: Pop-ups be gone with FireFox- nice music and graphics

12) Funny but not "hah, hah" funny category
Billy's Browser: Guy in absurd situations making his laptop cooler and faster

13) Perfect if you have child (or nephew) between ages of 3-8
Incessent Talking: After listening to her child's non-stop talking, she does a Firefox search of her own to unwind.

14) Handsdown winner- hysterical depiction of competitors.
Wheee!: Human faces spoof competitor browsers. The fox shuts them up.

15) Runner Up:
Singing & Dancing: Fox kicks bear in "coinpurse."

There are lots more, and some other ones worth checking out... an artist paints a portrait of the logo, eskimos melt their igloo with Firefox, etc.

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At 4/30/2006 2:12 AM, Blogger JD Lasica said...

These are really first-rate.

At 7/24/2006 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These should be aired on TV great editing and plots, But I Use Safari.


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