Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Revverberation on YouTube

Okay I'm going to try to go easier on YouTube-- especially now that I know it's a couple guys in their late twenties that started it (somehow I envisioned it as some spin off from Comcast or something). But I can't resist sharing this article titled "Showing YouTube the Money" from Blogma (a CNET publication by News.com). It calls YouTube the "rebel video site" and explores the viability of introducing ads. The real reason I'm sharing it is because the article quotes Revverberation (pardon the grand standing, and know that I was a CNET fan before they quoted me, okay?).

Now here's the thing. In my day job I oversee online advertising for a big company you've heard of but I can't write about. There are a few considerations in selecting media:
1) Demographics & Reach: Are my target customers on the site in good quantities?
2) Recall: Do people remember seeing my ads (if I'm going for "branding")?
3) Conversion: Did people convert- did they click the ad, and more importantly did they take some measurable action as a result?
4) Site quality: We don't advertise on controversial sites- our brand would be tainted by the context.

So would I advertise on Revver or YouTube? Probably not with a healthcare product. But if I was running online marketing for shoes, electronics, music or something more tied to the YouTube audience, I'd do it.

Now the big question- would I as a YouTube viewer mind advertising? Of course. It's only fair since I'm not paying to watch. But it can't be obnoxious. The fair model is a video or single-frame advertisement AROUND the video or AFTER the video. We can also accept short-form advertisements before, say, every 5th video. Anything else will drive folks off, which doesn't help the advertisers either. Again- the million-dollar question is... "is the video content worth sitting through the ad?"


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