Sunday, April 23, 2006

Search-engine Optimize Video Titles and Keywords

A regular Revverberation reader writes, "Oh guru of Google, couldn't you boost your stats by focussing (titles and tags) by taking a look at Search Engine Watch (or websites of that ilk) and finding out what the trends in searches have been?"

How true. And how I've neglected this. I tend to use the title to prompt curiousity, but indeed a video title and tags are what helps the Google and Yahoo search "Spiders" find it. If you've tried Googling your own Revver userID you'll see that Revver manages to get you decent organic (free) listings.

So what do people search? I look no farther than Yahoo's free "keyword analyzer" tool on

If you search video, you'll find the most frequently searched terms are "music video," video game," "funny video" and sex videos (porn, sex, adult, xxx). In March alone more than 600,000 typed "funny video" into Yahoo (which means this number is closer to about 1,500,000 in total since Google has the lion's share .

Eventually the audio content will be transcribed and searchable, and that will resort in much more accurate searches.


At 4/23/2006 11:44 PM, Anonymous AquaDad said...

Cool tool! I'll have to look through that Overture for some more search engine edumacation.

Scary spider!!!

At 4/25/2006 12:19 AM, Blogger Marquisdejolie said...

Thanks. I paid homage to your research by naming one of my videos "Funny Video 415".


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