Monday, April 10, 2006

Spotlight on EyeSpot

So the DVGuru likes Vimeo more than Eyespot. But it's got such a cute logo that I couldn't resist blogging on it. Seems some Revver posters have found their own stuff remixed on Eyespot. How on Earth do you find out where your videos land? Grant, anyone can figure out how to rip, mix and post. But this one creeps me out just a bit. In the wrong hands, I'm afraid of what my videos would look like (especially the ones with my kids!).

Still, I'm such a logo whore... look at that little EyeSpot guy. He's Napsteresque isn't he? I'm convinced that if Revver's logo wasn't so cool and its name wasn't so awesome, I'd be blogging about gardening right now.


At 4/10/2006 4:07 PM, Blogger Marquisdejolie said...

by Jolie Blond

Four Walmart mini-pots of preplanted herbs
sitting on the kitchen window sill
is all the homage
to Liberty Gardens of old
my North Texas Cabal
can manage right now,
the shul of our energies
diverted to the even more domestic pursuits
of herding three children,
11, 6 and 2
through diasporic piles of dirty clothes,
school schedules,
Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts
and evening meals
the baby smears throughout the house.

The noble potted herbs's
poor cousins outside,
front and back yard,
a camarilla of grass and weed,
receive even less nurturing;
on their own, really
to weather the blast furnace heat
and icicle chill
of the North Texas clime.

It's an indoor
agoraphobic family
I have so recently
been grafted back on to,
my California bike
stands rusting
on the side of the house,
(as if needs be)
to a metal CB tower,
its tires flat from disuse.

I cannot summon
the will.


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