Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ervrev Makes No Sense

What does the word Ervrev say to you? Nothing. But if you put the letters in the right order, the word is Revver. So below is one of my "wish list" items for the new Revver that must be launching pretty soon (hopefully Revver isn't pulling a Microsoft Vista on us, and the new Revver.com is indeed coming.

So here's my wish. Can we list videos sequentially by tag? Neither the search results nor the RSS feeds present videos by recency. And yet almost always that's how we want to search the videos. Even better, it would be great to toggle the search so I list by a) relevancy, b) views, c) date, d) submitter. But that's getting complicated. For starters, I just want my RSS feed to show my 3 most recent videos. On Google it's showing (see image) ancient videos for no apparent reason.


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