Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Future of Online Videos and Advertising (ClickZ)

This is a really nice article on ClickZ.com by author Zachary Rodgers. Beware of clicking into the article because it's nearly impossible to shake some really invasive ads for Pointroll.

The article wrestles with some of the key issues of videos & advertising.

Bad news for Revver and similar models:
"The video syndication players also rely on the assumption consumers will eventually expect to find video online pretty much everywhere they go. That's not yet proven. When they want video, most Internet users go to YouTube, iTunes, MSN Video or AtomFilms. They don't surf to their favorite blog and hit refresh."

The good news for Revver and similar models:
According to Jupiter Analyst Emily Riley, "Web sites are definitely still in a situation where you need a service provider [to enable your video channel], unless you're talking about a very media friendly site that's wiling to invest in their own group within the company."

Ones to Watch:

Here are some thoughts x provides on emerging players. These are direct quotes.
1) Among the emergent video syndication companies, Brightcove has by far the highest profile. Founded by Jeremy Allaire, the company has already partnered with content creators like The New York Times, and Publicis digital media consultancy Denuo is an investor.
2) Mochila launched last week with several print media partners, including Working Mother and Hachette Filipacchi Media. Content owners store video in Mochila's system and name its price. Once affiliates sign on, advertisers can associate themselves with the specific content, or place a buy with the whole network. Mochila's video offering will appear this summer, according to CEO Keith McAllister.
3) A dark horse is The Fifth Network, which now operates a small video ad network but says it will soon launch a media player that Web site owners can use to carry its syndicated content and ads. "Throughout the player will exist creative from the site it's on, as well as like content from other sites in our network and our other publisher partners," said Bradley Werner, VP of marketing at The Fifth Network. "A lot of sites want to provide more reach. They know their users are interested in like content. We're making sure all our publishers meet steady quality criteria for their content."

So here's the billion-dollar questions. How will advetisers and their agencies select where to put their dollars? Will they screen sites? Absolutely? Can they screen videos? No way- too many. So there's a risk of associating an ad with a video that isn't kind. To put it another way, "The alternative is to forfeit all the tweaking and tuning and instead buy a large number of impressions on a blind network."


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