Thursday, May 18, 2006

The People of Revver

When you're obsessed with a website or company, it's fun to see the people behind it. Here are some screen grabs of the recent Nalts tribute. Since they posted a higher resolution one last night, I was able to get some decent stills of some of the people.
I get these same looks at work quite often. In fact a few of these faces remind me of my sisters' reaction to anything I did growing up. I can just imagine the behind-the-scenes video of this piece, which would feature these 3 moments:
1) The awkward silence as everyone decides to eat cake without me there.
2) The director urging his co-workers to not smile during their reaction shots.
3) The CEO politely declining the offer to say "You're Fired" in Donald Trump style, and instead offering his daughter for the line.


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