Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Pure Digital Point & Shoot

A few weeks ago I did this video asking my wife for the Pure Digital Point & Shoot camera. I was sitting on the toilet for the video, but that's more information than you wanted. My wife did get me the camera- thanks, Jo. If you're interested in the camera, check out this eGadget review.
Here's where I'm going. Our friend Stacy (who is hooked on eBay like I am Revver) decided to buy it. And here's her first Revver entry... very nice. Moving titles. I'm impressed. I spend half my editing time removing the parts where my kids say "I hate you," so I'm pleased to see it as the zinger in her video.

By the way, this camera is all the rage now, and (of course) it dropped to about $100 the moment we bought it.


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