Friday, May 05, 2006

Revver Can Be Only One... Which Is It?

This is my wife pictured this week with Revver's Responsive Rob (RRR) who works 80 hours a week and they pay him in shiny beads and Red Bull. The rest of this post is about the online video business and Revver's model, so skip it if you just like funny videos.
Here's the question for those of us watching Revver and other online video models (YouTube, Google Video, LiveDigital,, and even MotionTV when allowed). The Discipline of Market Leaders contends that a strong company chooses one (not more) of the following strategies:
1) Product Leadership: Focused on innovation and performance, product leaders strive to turn invention into breakthrough products (think Apple).
2) Customer Intimacy: Focused on specialized, personal service, these companies become partners with their customers (think Neiman Marcus).
3) Operational Excellence: Companies with the operational excellence model offer customers the lowest possible cost of a product. These companies focus on their supply and distribution systems, in order to reduce costs to the customer (think Walmart).
So which one is Revver? Although Revver is good to its loyalists, I'm ruling out number two because it's not as critical at this phase of the online video revolution. I would suggest product leadership, but I'm not seeing anything magical about Revver that couldn't be leapfrogged. So I'm putting my money on the third. An efficient conduit between creators, advertisers and site owners. Revver is the only player that provides cash to creators. The other models give free hosting, points, and some serious traffic. MotionTV and DaveTV seem to be going down a Revver-like path but aren't as far along. And timing is everything.
The Discipline of Market Leaders is sometimes criticized as oversimplifying business strategy. But it does force discussions on focus.
What do you think? Product Leadership, Customer Intimacy or Operational Excellence? No hedging by picking two.


At 5/05/2006 9:06 AM, Anonymous AquaDad said...

Customer Intimacy. I've definitely bonded with Revver and the people I've communicated with there have been very helpful. They've made me feel like I'm important.

(Of course, Nalts has helped a lot with Revverberation and his hilarious videos, I still think they should be paying him.)

At 5/17/2006 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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