Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What's in a Name?

You know I was just scanning the usernames of Revver posters, and I realized that despite the fact that almost any name in the world is available... most people select horrible numeric/alpha combinations!
The origin, no doubt, is that they were the default recommendations by AOL when the people tried to get a better name. Most people are too lazy to keep trying so they end up with something like FRED23958. Who would want a randmon number as part of their brand? Hard to remember.
Guess what? I did it too. I signed on to AOL in the late 80s and maintained Nalts as a screename for a decade. My real last name wasn't available and the first one that came to mind is the nickname they gave my brother in college. Paranthetically, after suffering years of bad connections and phone calls that never got answered, I closed my AOL account with great reverie (deliberate world play). Now Nalts has become my stupid brand.
If I started over I'd find something more clever and it would definitely incorporate part of the name Revver. Hey- maybe Reverie? I just grabbed that one. I like it. Time for a rebranding exercise.

The condition of being lost in thought; daydreaming.
Absentminded dreaming while awake
An abstracted state of absorption


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