Monday, June 12, 2006

Create a Channel of Your Revver Videos (Magnify Networks)

I just found this site, Magnify Networks, via an AdSense ad on someone's blog. They're in soft launch, but it's really interesting. You know all of those things you'd LIKE to do with Revver (community, sharing, rating, filtering, sequencing, etc.)? I think this is the missing link.

I set up a Magnify page (it's free) and brought a few random videos to it. Other people can post too, which is great. I suppose I could have one for all of my stuff and another for people that share my interest. I haven't gotten my head around the whole concept, but here's the basics:
1) It's free
2) It allows you to organize videos from a variety of sites (Revver, YouTube, ect.)
3) You don't have to upload a video if it's already on the web- just give it your Revver embeded tag that you've probably never used before... it's under the video in HTML code.
4) Magnify gives you a URL that has all of your videos -- with RevTag entact (which hopefully includes my affiliate fee in addition to the revenue tied to the video itself).

Pretty cool- an easier way to get my friends directly to my videos without having them sort through some of the lame stuff and old stuff. Maybe I can use it as an RSS feed so people can easily see thumbnails of the latest vids. I suspect there's a lot more I can do with this once my thick mind makes its way around this new concept.


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